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The ultimate learning platform for English, Mathematics and Science. All learning content included and over 75,000 questions of varied types.

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The Gradewise platform is driven by the latest research and ideas in education to provide students with an accelerated learning path to excellence.

See strengths and weaknesses at a glance!

The Subject Breakdown displays all of our content included in a subject, tailored to your secondary school's course.

Our automatic colour-coding shows students and their teachers, at a glance, what they’ve covered and how well they’ve done.

Get to grips with content, faster!

Each subject is broken down into hundreds of manageable chunks, called concepts.

Every concept covers straightforward explanations of key ideas, for students to use as an online textbook or reference material.

They include links to related ideas with hover-over definitions for technical terms.

Test yourself, get instant feedback, learn more!

Test yourself, get instant feedback, learn more! Gradewise includes a range of questions – not just multiple choice – because it’s important to practise the sorts of questions found in real exams.

Each question has a detailed answer explanation and teachers can review student answers and give feedback!

Reduce Teacher Workload

The Gradewise platform includes interactive textbook content and questions. Student assignments are either marked automatically or self-assessed using the detailed answer feedback.

Gradewise saves teachers time on finding resources, marking and data entry. It’s a cost-effective way to give your students access to online interactive educational content, automatically updated and mapped to your secondary school’s course.

The Gradewise platform is based on sound educational research on the value of feedback, developing metacognitive skills and schema/cognitive load theories.

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All the content and questions you need for English, Mathematics and Science Secondary School exam preparation.

All of the Gradewise content is curated by expert teachers and subject specialists. Our adaptive learning software presents questions of an appropriate difficulty and our automatic data entry and tracking saves teachers time whilst giving them better student data.

Student Self-Assessment helps students learn success criteria and develop metacognitive skills. The Gradewise platform supports a Knowledge Curriculum, helping students go beyond their course and develop elaborate schemata.