What We Do

We are an innovation consultancy partnering with schools to ensure future-readiness. Schools can think of us as a just in time head of learning & head of innovation, that works with them to ensure school improvement & higher education impact.

Message from the CEO

Gradewise was born out of the vision to ensure everyone has access to equal opportunity, and we believe that learning & development is key to this. Our services and work focus on building ecosystems of innovation and learning that empower schools to prepare for the future, as investing in people is crucial to being future ready.

All the content and questions you need for English, Mathematics and Science.

All of the Gradewise content is curated by expert teachers and subject specialists. Our adaptive learning software presents questions of an appropriate difficulty and our automatic data entry and tracking saves teachers time whilst giving them better student data.

Student Self-Assessment helps students learn success criteria and develop metacognitive skills. The Gradewise platform supports a Knowledge Curriculum, helping students go beyond their course and develop elaborate schemata.





Meet The Team

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” - Bill Gates.

Christine Nasserghodsi


Christine Nasserghodsi is a leader in innovation, technology, education, and organizational transformation. Before launching Mirai, Christine served as the Vice President and Head of Innovation Strategy at GEMS Education. One of her flagship projects was the creation of the GEMS Innovation, Research, and Development

Nyla Tariq


Nyla has worked across 4 continents, and 5 countries - Dubai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Greece. She has extensive experience providing consultancy for schools, nurseries, education think tanks, ed tech incubators, education policy in business, Before launching Mirai, she co-founded a growing network of Montessori nurseries in the U.A.E.

Kayvan Nasserghodsi

Head of Analytics

Kayvan is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. Once, Kayvan explained actuarial science to a room of 27 nine and ten-year-olds using M&M's. Now that's innovation. With Mirai Partners, Kayvan focuses on People Analytics, the most exciting frontier of data science.

Asha Sanjay

Head of Technology

Asha has over twenty-five years of experience at the intersection of technology, school improvement, and innovation. Her career began in India as a math and science teacher working in progressive schools renowned for their enquiry/project –based/experimental approach. She moved on to leading education technology and curriculum development projects across India, Bhutan and Dubai. Asha’s most recent role involved adapting, implementing and maintaining the digital eco-system at GEMS Education, the world’s largest K-12 school operator.